Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Kit - Homespun - Full Reveal!

Hello Everyone!

A little early posting my work, I just couldn't wait until tomorrow; I am so excited to show you what I have done with this FABULOUS Kit! If you did not pick this one, you are missing out!
I still have about 5 or 6 left...
Most of my samples are using old pictures of my mom...My mom passed away two years ago on my birthday, she had Alzheimer's and died at the age of 72...still young now in days...
A very difficult time in my life and until now, I had not seen pictures of her or done any scrapbooking other than this picture I did shortly after her passing...
Anyway, working with this kit and her pictures has been such a rollercoaster of emotions for me,some days I was fine and happy to remember, other days I scrapped and I cried…
I enjoyed this kit so much…I hope you enjoy my work this month and the stories behind the pictures!

~60’s Beauty
Three pictures of my Mom sometime during the 60’s, I am just amazed of how beautiful women
were back then, their hair, their makeup, the fashion…
~Beautiful Brave Girl
My mom was the oldest of 9 kids living in a small town in Mexico; she moved to the big city at the
age of 15 and eventually moved all her siblings and mother. My Mom worked very hard to make this happen; she was a maid, a waitress and endured many struggles. This is a picture of her walking the streets of Mexico City at 16 or 17 years of age. Check out her dress!
~A moment to Cherish
People always said the she looked like Sophia Loren in this picture…Love the glasses!
I love how well this picture goes with the paper! My mom had gone to a wedding and all the accessories look just like the paper, I picked the title “Fashionista” and this quote I found on line “Because life is too short to blend in”
~My Mother
She looks so beautiful! She reminds me of the movie with Elvis Presley that he films in Acapulco; she had gone to Acapulco and looked all tan!
~Don’t stop Believin'
I have no words for this...let me just read you the journaling
“Small town girl, with big dreams! My mother always had a dream of leaving her small town she was born in, and moved to the big city, Brave Girl! She was only 15 and she had the courage, perseverance and determination to improve her life and the life of her family… She made her dream come true, and never stop believing! Thanks to my mom’s courage, I am here today, my mom…my hero!
I will forever be grateful for you… I miss you!”
~Life is Great
I love being a mom of a little girl!
~Love 2 Create
Here I am…creating! I don’t get to be on the pictures much so I thought about doing a layout of myself
And the last one….
~Amor Eterno
This is a picture of my parents and the title translates to “Eternal Love” which is a song my mom dedicated to my dad when he passed away, I was 14 years old when I lost my dad. This is a picture frame I got at Michael’s for $1.00 and it was so simple to do! I made the small flowers out of the fabric that is in the kit…


Michelle said...

Martha... these are so beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job!! I am sure your Mom is looking down and is so proud of these pages you made of her! What an amazing person!!! I love the pages with you in them as well!! Gabi looks so much like you!!! Such a pretty girl!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Jennifer Moore said...

Martha, your pages are beautiful! Your mother would be so proud. I hope you found a little bit of healing through these pages. You preserved bits and pieces of her story..and you should be proud of that! :)