Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekly Gratitude - Week 6

Friday was my Birthday and I decided to pamper myself! I went to a wonderful place called Burke Williams and I had a body wrap, a relaxation massage with hot stones and a facial and all I could think while I was there is that I am so Thankful for massages! And I am thankful that I can afford them! It was such a wonderful and peaceful experience!
A bittersweet day since it is my Mom's anniversary too, she passed away 2 years ago on my Birthday...My Birthday will never be the same and I miss her sooo much!

This is my Mamma...



Michelle said...

Oh Martha.. I am so sorry to read your mom passed away on your birthday!!! So sad!! ((Hugs)) Sounds like you had a relaxing day tho!! Good for you! I hope it was a nice day!

Nikki Love said...

your mom is so beautiful and you look just like her!! I'm so jealous of your spa day. I know you had a great time ;)

mommyof5kidz said...

Martha, I am so glad you had a great birthday...and time to pamper yourself!! We all know you deserve it!!!

So sorry about the loss of your Mother. You look SOOOOOO much like her!!!I bet you hear that often though.