Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be Nice!

What a concept! I was reading blogs last night and as I was reading Stacey Julian's, an icon cought my attention...
so I clicked on it and it took me to this "Operation Nice" blog and I just LOVE her concept! This is what it says... "Don't you love it when people go out of their way to be nice? Like when someone waits to hold the door for you. Or when a stranger waves you into a line a traffic. Or even when a coworker shoots you a friendly smile along with a "have a nice day." If everyone was a little bit nicer to the folks they encountered each day, perhaps the world would be a more pleasant place. Operation NICE was initiated to remind you that a little NICE goes a long way" So I decided to support this operation and...BE NICE!

1 comment:

Amy Wilges said...

love this...i'm going to be nice too! :)

have a creative day!